Culture, Relationships & Stewardship | The Ƶع Philosophy


Culture. Relationships.

The Ƶع philosophy
is based on our belief in a culture that nurtures and develops people; an environment that stimulates individual and team initiative and innovation; and a cohesive and enduring organization embodied in the entrepreneurial spirit on which this company was founded.


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A relentless focus on continuous improvement – that’s the kind of culture we’ve worked hard to build over the years, from top to bottom. Our companies self-select for common-sense, fully engaged workers – people who are empowered and expected to take the initiative in continuing to add value for our customers.

A Tradition of Strength & Stability

Thanks to our customer-focused people, Ƶع companies enjoy many longtime customer relationships that continue to sustain our success after so many years.

In addition to the stability of our customer base, our commitment to maintaining a strong balance sheet also supports our longevity by giving us the financial flexibility to keep making strategic investments and fuel our growth.